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August 2012 primary 1 intake

About Schools Out Erskine

“School’s Out” has four Centres situated in Erskine and was established in October 1999 by Christine Logue. The first centre to be opened was “School’s Out” Barsail with about half a dozen children and a couple of staff, now there are four sites with the potential to care for 190 children per day, we have around 18 staff members.

Our aim is to offer play opportunities, which are fun and encourage exploration, learning new skills and healthy all-round development, within a safe and caring environment.  The service is available to local children between the ages of 4 (attending school) and 16, regardless of the individual circumstances or family background of the child. We will promote the dignity, privacy, choice, safety, potential and diversity of all users and staff of the Company.

The service is designed to be flexible to suit the needs of all parents using a policy of responding promptly to proposed improvements to the service.

Before School

This service is available during school term time and operates between the times of 8.00 a.m. and 9.00 a.m. During this time the children have breakfast with us and enjoy some quiet play before being escorted to school. For those centres that operate within a school the children are escorted into the playground in order that they can enjoy some time with their friends before school commences. If there is adverse weather the children go direct to their classes within the school. If you child attends Rashielea Primary School the staff walk the children to school at approximately 8.45 using a risk assessed route and wait in the playground until all the children have gone into school. Unfortunately due to time constraints it is not possible to offer the morning service to children who attend Inchinnan Primary School.

After School

This service is again available during school term time and operates between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. In the three centres operating from within schools the children do not leave the school premises but come directly through to the staff in the areas used by “School’s Out”. The children in Rashielea are picked up at their school doors by members of staff and escorted via the risk assessed route to the centre in the Church of the Nazarene. Children in Inchinnan Primary School are picked up by a member of staff and are transported in an insured and maintained vehicle to the centre in the Church of the Nazarene.

The children in “School’s Out” are at the centre of everything that is introduced and developed and they are encouraged to put their views forward and respect themselves, other children and the staff. Once school has finished the staff make every effort to ensure they can relax and have fun in the centre, even if it is in their own school.

There are regular children’s meetings held at which the children have input into what new equipment is required, ideas on snacks etc., and every child has the opportunity to attend these meetings. Each child is in a Keyworker Group and is encouraged to speak to their Keyworker at any time with any problems, ideas suggestions etc. Bullying is not tolerated in “School’s Out” and the subject is discussed at meetings with the chidren and “School’s Out” participates in anti-bullying campaigns that the authorities introduce on an annual basis and any evidence of bullying of any kind is acted upon by the staff as and when it occurs.

The views of the children and the carers are very important to the continual improvement/development of “School’s Out” and questionnaires are issued on a regular basis in order that children and carers can put their views forward in a confidential manner.

Play Camps

At the moment “School’s Out” offers a play camp facility during Easter and summer school holidays. Information is issued during term time to all clients. The number of centres opening for this purpose is dependent on the demand and usually the play scheme operates from two of the centres.

The staff and children work closely together to identify outings, activities and specialist visitors to “School’s Out”.

This service opens at 8.00 a.m. and closes at 5.45 p.m.

Full details of the play camps are issued at time of booking.